Momo | 18 | NYC

"And when I sleep let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost."

So I go to the doctor expecting just a check up but no. I have to get a lecture on how being an english major is useless and won’t benefit me later on in life so I should just change my major to something practical like science or math.


I just want to thank pasta for being a part of my life

I got so much crap done today. I ate a big breakfast (this is an accomplishment because i’m not a breakfast eater), studied for my AP English exam, read my book for my dystopian lit. class, finished part one of my essay and started the outline for part two for my Philosophy class and I did all this without crying over the fact that I probably bombed the SAT yesterday. And it’s only 3 o’clock! BADA BOOM.

(This is actually a lot for a Sunday for me. Usually I just sleep.)

Now I’m ready to watch some Parks & Rec in my room.


I can’t sleep
Oh my goodness
And I have to wake up early tomorrow morning

I cry every single time I watch Toy Story 3.

I’m addicted to Just Dance 4. I spend every moment I have playing it and I have so much time on my hands, since its holiday break. My mom thinks I have a problem.
But I don’t. She hasn’t played it yet so she doesn’t know.

Paramore’s self-titled album is coming out April 9th, 2013.


I’ve been sick all weekend. I just want to go to sleep for two days.

There’s so many shows that I have to catch up on, it’s ridiculous.