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"And when I sleep let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost."


lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

"I want to mourn the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin, and I want to question why the deaths of Renisha McBride and Islan Nettles and Kathryn Johnston haven’t gotten similar traction. Why the beating of Marlene Pinnock isn’t on all of our lips. Why the nation is not familiar with the names of Stephanie Maldonado, or of Ersula Ore. And how many women’s names do we not know because they don’t dare come forward? Because the violence they experience at the hands of the police is sexual, and the shame and stigma around sexual violence silences them?”

Why don’t we hear about women victims of state violence?

on the role of misogyny, transmisogyny, and respectability politics in which state violence against people of color makes news.

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everyone on this website is slowly going back to school one by one its kinda like a horror movie but worse

Monday: wait for friday
Tuesday: wait for friday
Wednesday: wait for friday
Thursday: wait for friday
Saturday: wait for book four of legend of korra
Anonymous asked: what will you do when lok is over?



still not exactly sure what studying is

robmoynihanNot really sure what’s happening here. #walkingdead #tvgmyacht #sdcc [x]

Workout Inspiration: Chandler Bing


my bae getting ready to go save the world again